I want to join this great cause! What do I need to do? 

Great, we’d love to have you on our team! To join, click here

I registered for the live race, will I get to participate in the virtual event?

  • If you registered with Option 1 and paid your $125 registration fee, you are automatically registered for the virtual event. Your registration fee has been converted to a donation.
  • If you registered with Option 2 and did not pay a registration fee, but have already raised $125 or more, you’re all set! You are automatically registered for the virtual event.
  • If you registered with Option 2, didn’t pay a registration fee, and have not yet raised at least $125, your fundraising minimum has been dropped to $125. You have until July 19, 2020 to raise this money. At that time, your credit card will be charged the difference between the amount you raise and the $125 minimum.

What about my streak?

Are you a 2, 5, 10 or 30 year Peaks to Portland veteran? Your streak is amazing and we want you to keep it going!  You can, by participating in our virtual event. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now. 

What will the virtual race look like? 

We recognize that swimmers are located across the US and around the world, so we want to make our virtual race as accessible as possible. To do this, you have options for completing your swim:

  • Complete your swim between July 1 and 25. This means you’ll have 25 days to complete your 2.4 miles.
  • You set your schedule. Swim a half mile a day. Break the race in half. Or take on the full 2.4 miles in one epic swim. Best of all, you can wait for the perfect sunny day – thunder, fog and wind are not going to rain on our parade!
  • You choose your location. Nothing beats summer in Maine (except maybe this pandemic).  So your swim can take place anywhere you choose – a pool, ocean, lake, fjord, or other safe body of water. Please be smart, stay close to home, and always follow best safety practices. 
  • Practice social distancing. Please follow all CDC guidelines regarding proximity to others to protect the health of everyone our community. Don’t gather as a group. And don’t attempt to swim the race route – during regular years the harbor master shuts down the shipping channel for us. He will not be doing so this year.

Is fundraising a part of the virtual event?

It sure is! Every dollar you raise gives a child the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. This year, because of the virtual format, our fundraising minimum is just $125, but we ask that you try to raise more. Our kids are counting on it.

Some swimmers have decided to donate their normal race travel costs to the Y to support our cause. Many are finding their friends, family and colleagues are looking for ways to help now more than ever. And, we still offer fundraising tools to make helping kids at the Y fun and easy.

Looking for a little more incentive? We get it, it’s been a crazy year. See our Prize Page for your incentive.

I love making a difference in the life of a child, but I also love the swag. Will I still get my swimmer goodies?

We love swag, too! And yes, as a participant you’ll get the goods. Simply by registering for the virtual race and completing your swim you’ll get this year’s medal, swim cap, water bottle, rally towel and tee. Your name and time will also be added to the leaderboard.

Need even more incentive? See our update Prize Page to learn about the wetsuit, the gift cards and the island stay – they’re yours when you achieve fundraising success.

When is packet pickup?

This year, because of our virtual format, packet pickup not take place. Instead, we’ll contact you in late July to make arrangements to mail your swimmer swag to you. If you’re local and would prefer to pick up your items at the Y, we can do that as well. More information will be available as we get closer to the race deadline of July 25.

Why is this race so important to the community?

Because it represents the best of us. People of all ages, beliefs and abilities coming together in support of our kids.

100% of the money raised by this event goes to kids in our community. Last year alone we provided over $1.2 million in financial assistance for child care, summer camp, swim lessons, early childhood education and more. With historical unemployment levels anticipated this year, we know the need will be greater than ever.

I don’t want to participate in the virtual event, but I want to support the Y by donating my registration fee. Can I?

Yes, and we really appreciate your support. Thank you. If you’ve already paid your registration fee, it will automatically be converted to a donation. If you haven’t and would like to make a donation, please click here.

Isn’t the Y closed right now? Why do you need support? 

While our doors are closed, our work in the community continues. Since the pandemic hit, we’ve pivoted to meet the evolving needs of our community – just as the Y has done for the past 150 years.

  • 1,000 healthy meals are delivered to families each week through our partnership with Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare and Cooking for Community.
  • 321 children in our child care programs continue to learn through online virtual classes with their teachers and peers twice a week and at-home curriculum.
  • 2,395 older members and several hundred families are called weekly, ensuring they receive support and vitally important connection.
  • Mainers of all ages are connecting through our virtual services, including wellness classes, kids’ activities, and English classes for New Americans.
  • The 88 men in our housing program are healthy and safe. (And our emergency response plan is being used across the state to ensure the safety of hundreds of Mainers living in congregate settings.)

I wish I could participate this year, but my life has changed dramatically since I registered. Can I withdraw?

We understand that you may be going through a personal hardship during this crisis. If you have the means to continue with your registration, it would mean the world to the Y and the kids we serve. However, we understand that this is a difficult time for many and we want to be supportive. If you cannot continue, please contact us at [email protected] before June 1. Refunds will be provided if requested before June 1. We are not able to honor refunds or withdrawals after June 1. 

Additional Questions? 

Please contact us at [email protected] 

Looking Out for Our Future

During a regular family wellness call, Nikki, a Sr. Youth Development Coordinator at the Y, learned that one of our families was having trouble accessing food. Mom was still working as a delivery driver, but dad was not. The school was providing bagged breakfasts and lunches, but getting his four young children out the door in time to pick up this food proved too difficult for dad.

When the 5-year old shared they had eaten only noodles for a week, Nikki sprang into action. She called the school and arranged for them to deliver the food directly to the family.

This is what we do every day at the Y: We see a need, we spring into action.

Our preschool, camp and afterschool programs are so much more than child care – they are lifelines for the community. We work on abuse prevention and body autonomy so that our kids can grow up healthy in mind and body. Our focus on healthy eating includes access to nutritious food. And while the kids participate in science and art activities, we’re also uncovering learning gaps that we can then address.