1. Donate to yourself- Make a small donation to your swim, it is much easier to ask your friends and family to join you in donating!
  2. Ask for help- Reach out to your family, friends, or coworkers and ask them to support your swim! Ask them to secure two donations each from someone they know.
  3. Personalize your page- Tell a story! It only takes a few minutes to personalize your fundraising page with a picture and a paragraph about why you are swimming. Personalized pages get an average of 20% more donations!
  4. Matching gifts- Many employers match charitable gifts made by employees. Ask yours if they’ll match your donations, or even sponsor the swim. Don’t forget to ask your donors if their companies will match their gifts, too!
  5. Bottle drive- Ask your family, friends, and coworkers to collect their bottles to be redeemed!
  6. Garage sale- Clean out that garage! You and your friends can host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to your swim.
  7. Social media- Make sure to share your fundraising page on your social media pages! It is a great way to raise awareness and toot your own horn!
  8. Birthday- Is your birthday coming up? In lieu of gifts, consider asking your friends and family to make a donation to your swim.
  9. Jeans day­- Will your company host a jeans day for your swim? Why not ask? Everyone who donates gets to wear jeans to work!
  10. Tribute donations- Encourage donors to make their gifts in “honor of”, “support of”, or “memory of” someone they know.
  11.  Barbeque- Host a barbeque for your friends and family and ask all attendees to bring a donation!
  12.  Spare change jar- Ask your family and friends to collect all their spare change and donate it to your swim, it will add up fast!
  13.  Car wash- Host a car wash! Ask local businesses to donate supplies and ask your friends to help wash.
  14.  Bake sale- Sell some snacks while your neighbors are getting their car washed!
  15.  Game night- Organize a game night at your house! Serve drinks and snacks and charge at the door.
  16.  50/50 raffle- Organize a 50/50 raffle at a big event, or ask your local sports team if you can be the beneficiary of their raffle!
  17.  Lunch room- Put up a display with pictures and a paragraph about your swim and the YMCA. Be sure in include a jar for donations!
  18.  Hair style- Dye your hair or shave your head for donations! Tell all your friends and family that once you reach a certain amount of contributions you will go pink or bald!
  19.  Hair salon- Ask your hair salon if they will donate $2 or $3 from each haircut over one week to your swim!
  20.  Use your talents- Offer any talents you have for a small donation; design, make-up stylist, dog walker, babysitter, baking, sewing, landscaping, computer skills, etc.
  21.  Fitbit challenges- Challenge your family and coworkers to a step challenge! Everyone pays $20 to enter and the winner gets a gift card or baked good.
  22.  Swim-a-thon- Have your donors choose an amount to donate per lap while you train. Send weekly progress reports on how your training and fundraising are going.
  23. Flag football- Host a flag football or softball game at your neighborhood park and charge an entry fee.
  24.  Cooking contest- Have your friends and neighbors prepare their best pie, chili, or chowder and invite some “judges”. Charge an entry fee and have voting done by spare change at each station. Print some certificates for the winners.

Still looking for help fundraising?  Contact us at [email protected]